Halloween Part 1.

Im not entierly sure why I'm starting my blog again. It's been over a year since I blogged (rambled) last, however I thought it time to bore the 3 of you (optimistic) again with some little insights into my pictures, what I do and why I love to do it. 

Today was halloween Part 1.  A quick trick and treat in our friends compound, here in Bahrain. Its a fun time for kids to dress up in costumes that have by no means been created with any competitiveness in mind and demolish about a years intake of E numbers in 45 minutes. Our two where on typical form. Jasmine was taking on the role of the scout. Moving forward to asses the scene, padding around the pumpkin clad doorways scoping out the pickings, while poppy hung back and rolled in after the first wave, bottom lip out, playing the part of the lonely little girl. Genius move. This tactic gives access to the 'adult stash'; The sweets that are deemed to good for the mini ghouls and reserved for couch and a DVD after you've managed to strap the little sugar fuelled loves into their beds. If you've ever seen puss in boots you will know what I mean by 'kitten eyes.' Anyway, safe to say it works a treat as Estelle, my Mum, my Sister and I about to settle down on the couch with a DVD and load strategically collected premium grade adult chocolate.

Introducing Freya Knott.

Its been an absolute honour to photograph the Knott's and their journey so far. Last week I was invited in to document the arrival of their new baby girl, Freya, and her introduction to her new big sister. Great moments and the start of another chapter for Tim, Carole, Zara and Freya.

The Knott's

Im very lucky to be documenting Tim, Carole and Little Zara Knott's family in anticipation of their new addition. Carole is due any minute and I'm literally on hot standby to go running to the hospital, nikon in hand as soon and baby Knott is in the big wide world. I'm as nervous and excited as they are! 

It's a wedding, I shoot weddings.

It's been a long time since I looked at this wedding, about 9 months. I didn't even put it on the site and I have no idea why, it was just so epic I didn't know where to start. Naveen the groom called me about a year ago to chat about his wedding, a 4 day Punjabi affair that he wanted me to cover and capture every detail in its full a wonderful glory. I spent an amazing week with an amazing family, wonderful friends and the most fantastic food I have ever eaten. So much colour, so much laughter... so much Whiskey. Im unashamedly posting this very late because I think its totally worth it. These are just the highlights, 175 of them! 

Breakfast down the lane.

Walking across Sefton Park to Lark Lane from my mums house is something I've done many many times for many many years.  Lark Lane, for those of non Liverpool upbringing, is a bohem eclectic street that carries a wiff of beer, humous and antiques, usually all from the same door. We popped into the now very popular Moon and Pea, a lovely hipster clad cafe with ace coffee, food (cant beat fry-ups for lunch in my books) & a kids chill out corner. Wandering back through the glorious Park, I realised how much I miss this city. Then it rained. 

Great Britain, boats and bears.

We are home! Everytime we come back and drive through the amazing northumberland countryside I have a mini coal miners choir blasting the hymn Jerusalem in my head. Love it. Carrying on the the British trandition overload, I took the girls boating on 'Tallkin Tarn' in Carlisle; this has to be one of my favourite places in England. We discovered pixie hollow and sea dragons, who'd have thought it, right in the middle of the Tarn? Of course a day out with our kids isn't anything without a bear hunt in the woods. Lots of screaming and hiding, mostly from me.  

We are Three, again.

Today was the big day. The party that Poppy has been talking about for the past week solid, non stop. She had invited the cast from Frozen, but alas they didn't RSVP, probably to hot for them so we had 10 of her little mates for a full on painting session at the brilliant Studio Cermaics. Much fun, quite messy, all well controlled by the lovely staff & they supplied healthy food for the all the kids. I on the other hand didn't know this and rocked up Mc-tastic with chicken nuggets for all. Mums where not amused. Anyway, Pingu made an appearance, hugged us all, tried to eat all the tuna butties (really), freaked out Jasmine (who can be seen running in sheer 5 year-old screeching terror) and patted me on the head in a sort of  'never mind mate, most dads are usually crying by now', way.

We are Three

For those of you with more than one child of simliar age, you will know that real birthdays also come with the un-birthday. In our house, the un-birthday is basically the peace offering, a slightly smaller pile of presents for the child who's birthday it isn't. Only problem is that it sometimes leads to confusion when such things as cakes appear, amount of candes (four candles? Ahhh, the Two Ronnies) and who gets to blow them out. Today is Poppy's 3rds birthday and we had small family affair. Choice of meal, Roast - (Poppies request). Choice of cake, 'Pink' (again the popsters request but luckily vetoed by Jasmine & now chocolate as we dont know what 'Pink' is). Candle blowing became a duel affair, however eating was truly a selfish act where both children snarled around the plate edge like crazed Hyeanas. Party at the weekend, we and 15 other un-birthdays will be three, again. 

Sun and Sleep

Every now and then we take a small break in the Sofitel Hotel. Its like a mini holiday without even stepping on a plane, the girls love it, we love it. A few days of sleeping, eating, and drifting off by the pool and I'm good to go again. Poppy has totally mastered the art of sleeping, she's a pro. I'm impressed that after just 3 years in this world she has developed the ability to rock up, and roll over snoozing like her old man in his student heydays. 

A frozen party in 45 degrees.

Time flies. It seems only like yesterday I was running for the plane in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as Estelle was going into labour back in Liverpool. 5 years on, we are living with the most amazing, vibrant, beautiful little red headed girl we could ever wish for. As this is my first post form my new site, Im going to break it over two days so you can experience the full effect of a 'Frozen' party, in 45 degress - The getting ready, as it where.