We are Three

For those of you with more than one child of simliar age, you will know that real birthdays also come with the un-birthday. In our house, the un-birthday is basically the peace offering, a slightly smaller pile of presents for the child who's birthday it isn't. Only problem is that it sometimes leads to confusion when such things as cakes appear, amount of candes (four candles? Ahhh, the Two Ronnies) and who gets to blow them out. Today is Poppy's 3rds birthday and we had small family affair. Choice of meal, Roast - (Poppies request). Choice of cake, 'Pink' (again the popsters request but luckily vetoed by Jasmine & now chocolate as we dont know what 'Pink' is). Candle blowing became a duel affair, however eating was truly a selfish act where both children snarled around the plate edge like crazed Hyeanas. Party at the weekend, we and 15 other un-birthdays will be three, again.