We are Three, again.

Today was the big day. The party that Poppy has been talking about for the past week solid, non stop. She had invited the cast from Frozen, but alas they didn't RSVP, probably to hot for them so we had 10 of her little mates for a full on painting session at the brilliant Studio Cermaics. Much fun, quite messy, all well controlled by the lovely staff & they supplied healthy food for the all the kids. I on the other hand didn't know this and rocked up Mc-tastic with chicken nuggets for all. Mums where not amused. Anyway, Pingu made an appearance, hugged us all, tried to eat all the tuna butties (really), freaked out Jasmine (who can be seen running in sheer 5 year-old screeching terror) and patted me on the head in a sort of  'never mind mate, most dads are usually crying by now', way.