Halloween Part 1.

Im not entierly sure why I'm starting my blog again. It's been over a year since I blogged (rambled) last, however I thought it time to bore the 3 of you (optimistic) again with some little insights into my pictures, what I do and why I love to do it. 

Today was halloween Part 1.  A quick trick and treat in our friends compound, here in Bahrain. Its a fun time for kids to dress up in costumes that have by no means been created with any competitiveness in mind and demolish about a years intake of E numbers in 45 minutes. Our two where on typical form. Jasmine was taking on the role of the scout. Moving forward to asses the scene, padding around the pumpkin clad doorways scoping out the pickings, while poppy hung back and rolled in after the first wave, bottom lip out, playing the part of the lonely little girl. Genius move. This tactic gives access to the 'adult stash'; The sweets that are deemed to good for the mini ghouls and reserved for couch and a DVD after you've managed to strap the little sugar fuelled loves into their beds. If you've ever seen puss in boots you will know what I mean by 'kitten eyes.' Anyway, safe to say it works a treat as Estelle, my Mum, my Sister and I about to settle down on the couch with a DVD and load strategically collected premium grade adult chocolate.